Law enforcement warns of increase in drugged drivers ahead of 4/20/2024

(WDAY Radio) — Law enforcement agencies across North Dakota are seeing more drivers under the influence across state roadways ahead of a prominent date with recreational marijuana users. 

North Dakota’s Vision Zero says they have increased the number of officers known as “Drug Recognition Experts” to a total of 63 to help find and detect the presence of illicit substances. The group cites a pilot study, which they say found marijunana THC in more than half of the suspects authorities believe are under the influence, as a key reason for increasing numbers. 

“Drug Recognition Experts play a crucial role in safeguarding our roads from impaired drivers, ensuring public safety remains paramount,” said Drug Recognition Expert State Coordinator Trooper Tarek Chase. “Their specialized training and expertise enable swift and accurate identification of impaired individuals, mitigating potential risks and preventing crashes. Investing in these experts is essential for maintaining road safety and upholding the well-being of our communities.”

You can learn more about ND Vizion Zero by clicking here

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